Dublin - Vortrag in leicht verständlichem Englisch



It’s the capital of Ireland. It’s lively and exciting. It is a green city - not only because the Irish national colour is green but because of the city’s park St Stephen’s Green. It’s a booklover’s paradise. It’s a friendly place and welcoming. It’s home to the stunning library of Trinity College - and many writers, among them James Joyce or Samuel Beckett. It’s home to the Guinness Brewery and Jamesons Whisky Distillery. Ireland is small - so is Dublin: but still big enough in its history that can be discovered at every corner. And there is so much music in the pubs and bars, so much creativity everywhere, so many stories to learn about the Irish and their way of life. Join me shopping in Grafton Street, walking along the River Liffey, or visiting one of the many galleries and concerts. Time provided I will also take you on a trip to the coast. See you soon!

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