Ausfall! Brighton -Things to Do and Musts to See (Sea)


Vortrag mit Bildern in leicht verständlichem Englisch

Brighton is so much more than just London’s beach or the centre of language schools in Britain. It is a city pulsing with music, art and night life. From the pier entertainment of a classic seaside resort to night clubs with live music, from famous graffiti art to a shopping district which leaves no wish unanswered, you can browse the town and the seaside. Join me on a walk through Kemp Town, Queens Park. Come and see the Royal Pavillon and learn about Eye 360. If you still have energy, join us for some more shopping in the Lanes or the North Laine....? Brighton is also a very good starting point to explore the south coast. Hop on a train and you are in London in under an hour. Take the car and within another hour you will be able to visit famous gardens and music festivals.
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